Monday, May 28, 2007

Boys Town Memorial Day Run

Both my boys participated in the one-mile race. John (11 yrs) ran a 6:55 minute mile placing 15 out of 275 and Jacob (7 yrs) ran an 8:02 mile placing 72. I ran just shy of a 9 minute mile (not so well) - BTW, I ran the 5 mile race. Price you pay when you stop training. :)

Was looking to get some mud in my treads and tire my quads since I had some energy left over from the morning race, so we went out to Platte River State Park to do some off-road biking. Trails were closed from 9-4pm for horseback riding.


VeloCC said...

Platte River State Park is a good place to ride! It is the closest when is comes to difficulty compared to L&C.

gbot said...

It was a great run. Bike ride at Platte River was fun too. Now I am just waiint for the results from the bike race. It determines if I am 2 AND 1 OR 1 AND 2. I only pray to the good lord that it is 2 AND 1.