Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sutton or Bust

rode 72 miles yesterday from lincoln 2 sutton. bought a brand new odomoeter 2 hours b4 take off & the darn thing didn't work. urgh. however, the ride was still great. the longest stretch was getting from lincoln 2 crete. once i headed w out of crete the ride was awesome. roads r fairly flat with nice wide shoulders. people were very friendly along the way. i stopped in friend 4 some water & soda & several folks inquired about my journey.

2 heck with water bottles on a hot day. it's easier to stop 4 a stretch & guzzle down a huge bottle of cold water. my goal was 2 reach bg's corner in sutton and purchase a gatorade and nature valley granola bar. that's all i wanted. i ended up buying an all sport bcuz i like the open top of a bottle vs having 2 suck it out of a pop top and i had 2 settle on little debbie granola bars. i was surprised, they were quite yummy. i would recommend the fudge with chocolate chip. get me some more linda. :)

my husband drove down 2 pick me up & we had a wonderful dinner with some great friends of mine. go linda. can u bake me some of those macademia nut cookies? yum yum

tonights ride: destination TBD; distance=40 miles

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