Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Manawa Pre-ride

fun! fun! fun! great course. flat. twisty-curvy. fast. every man, woman and child should be out there saturday. :)

rode the whole course, green, blue and black. blacks were a riot. if you weren't a tree hugger b4, you could be one on this course. lots of twists, close trees, very few roots. great course to get comfortable with mtb skills. goal today was to ride w/very little breaking. ya. uhummmm. rode the course 4x. each time got a bit smoother as i felt more comfortable with my bike and ridin through curves, shimmying by trees, leaning my bike and eyes focused ahead.

when i got back 2 Lincoln, i went to Wilderness Park and rode. much less technical then Manawa and Manawa is very little technical. continued working on that comfort level and moving my bike through the ruts with speed and flowing through the curves. see ya saturday.


VeloCC said...

Did you do all the log-crossing and technical stuff that they put out inbetween? That is the real challenge! We beginners have to some of them so be prepared for some "cross"-action.
But I am with you. Manawa is the place to FLY!!!

Nikemom said...

YES! I'm hope the beginner route is all the in-betweener stuff as the green was fun cuz you could just fly, but just not enough fun - if ya know what I mean. :)