Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The "Tri's" Are On!

When I planned my triathlon journey, by the seat of my pants, I don't think I quite understood the dynamcis of my commitment. Talking about it, dreaming about it, searching for various events plus the desire to WANT the challenge is the TALK part.

With this being my first major tri, I trudged through page after page on the web researching triathlons and IRONMANS (of course I want to be an IRONMAN too) and found a "newbies tri training plan", set it all up on Google Calendar, talked about it some more, and some more and some more. Told all my friends and now they don't just think, but now know that I am a super workout freak. :)

At noon today I took the WALK.
I plunked down the plastic as I registered for the Pigman Long Course August 17 and the Topeka Tinman Triathlon June 14, 2008.

Next step: Inform the sherpa(s). Head sherpa was only worried about a conflict with Husker Football. Hmmm. Not sure he understands the role of head sherpa. [Note to self: schedule conference with head sherpa about the magnitude of a tri]

I am in, I am on my game, and ready to roll!


Non-Runner Nancy said...

Hi Nikemom - thanks for visiting me today. I love your blog. Just checking it out but this post cracked me up. I've been dreaming in tri's lately too but my head sherpa may have more reservations that yours. I do know how those huskers are about their football though. One of my very bestest friends in the whole wide world lives in Lincoln and her hub is in education. Small world :D

I'll catch up some more but just wanted to say hello! :D


Jo said...

nice blog taco mama! I want your puppy! and a van neighbor in jackson this summer! I'm hoping to make it back in May for a graduation party! want me to bring tequila or tacos? enchiladas? peace be the journey.