Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Up and Running!?!

I's been a tough winter inside and out. The chill in the air has got me continually chilled to the bone. Life right now is only warm in spots and it seems as if I'm moving slower than ever. I lack motivation, iniative, drive. I feel as if I'm a wheel on a turntable. I push myself to go round and round only because I know I have to ~ to survive.

Depressing, huh? It's not that bad...I think. ;)

So, am I up and running? Yep! Am I up and cycling? Yep! Am I up and swimming? Not yet! I spun out 60 minutes on the bike tonight and punched out 5 miles on the treadmill. I still got it, even though my first week of official 1/2 marathon training was a bust due to lack of commitment, motivation and just plain not feeling well. I'm strength training and hypertrophy is looking good.

Warm weather has got to be lurking somewhere in the midst of my wheel. Do you know when and where it will be? Coffee anyone?

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