Saturday, September 6, 2008

Rural Running for the 1 Miler

today i ran for 90 minutes {per my training schedule}. i committed to running reid's virtual 1 mile race and as the day was approaching i was concerned about getting it all in. [a 90 min run, a 1 mile race, soccer practice, company, kiddos and a Husker football game]. GBR!

we got back from Chicago last night and i took some time after the local football game and catching up with my kiddos to mentally prep for getting up a 5am and running so i could be the super woman i think that i am and do everything that i think i can do as quick as i can do it. {gag!} i hit the road at 5:30am. i run country roads because i get some great hill training, and i can take Harley {our black lab}. when i head out before the rooster crows i always take a flashlight and wear a red blinker so some country hick farmer doesn't mistake me for a cow and run me down cause he thinks i got out. you can never be too safe in rural nebraska. :)

my first 8 miles i keep at a steady pace [approx 9:30 mile]. not super fast, but not super slow but a pace i am happy with just to stay in shape until i commit to my next race {other than virtual}. i saved the 1 mile race leg for the last 1 mile and i hit a 7:42 pace. i had to climb a couple of hills and actually hit the [bend over when you are done in the middle of an intersection] threshold.

overall i was pleased with my run and felt even better about checking off two of my "todo's" for the day before 7:01 am. thanks reid for hosting and congrats on your sub 5min mile.

Huskers 35 - San Jose State 12


Ms. V. said...

Great running!!! I was in an Udder Run, and that cow looks strangely like my medal.

Marcy said...

GREAT job chica!! Especially since you chose to do "The Mile" at the end.

Rachel said...

Nice job on the run!

Marci said...

Wow that's quick after a long run. Well done!