Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dear Diary!


I've got about 6 minutes to spare so I thought I'd send you a little note about what's been going on lately. It's been a few days cuz it's been a busy few days. :)

I took Jacob to the doctor today. He had these crusty blisters on the side of his nose and cheek. Well, your not going to believe it...[interruption, phone rang, it was dh. he talks a lot....3 minutes about a coupon to bed, bath and a girl. i get every detail. i don't like all the details, just the bottom line. oh well, luv him anyways!]...he has a classic case of infitiago . $65 later for a prescription and we are headed home for the rest of the day. Yeah for me! I get to take a nap!!! I woke up to my dh's snores at 3:44am and my alarm went off at 4:30. I didn't sleep the 46 minutes in between.

I teach pilates for athletes every Wednesday at 5:45am. I love it, but I don't. I want to give up the class, but I don't. I've got a great group of groupies that come and they love my class. That is a good thing, but that's what makes it hard for me to give it up. I guess by the time the taxes are taken out of $8/class plus gas for a forerunner to and fro at 19 mpg. and I drive 18 miles to the YMCA, I'm probably paying a few cents to teach the class each week.

I'm beyond the original 6 minutes....I'm 5 minutes over the time I said I would spend writing to you. There is so much more to fill you in on. I need to leave because I'm going for a 23 mile bike ride. My friend Don [who biked RAGBRAI with me] has 23 miles to go to hit a total of 4,000 miles for the year. How awesome is that?? Hence, we are going to ride, stop at the 4,000 mile mark, take pictures of him kissing the ground and then off to the FOX Bar for a $4 schooner [that's a big-ass beer]. Good times and happy days. Gotta run. Will check in later.

p.s. We rode 23 miles last night for my friend Ken who hit 3,000 miles. We also went to the FOX Bar and had drinks. I had a Blue Moon with an orange slice - it was fabulous! Good times were obviously had by all. I'll try to add some pictures later. :)

I'm baaaack! A schooner + 1/2 full. Ride was great! Celebration after was great. We only had 23 miles to ride so we rode to Princeton and back. We performed a great line and then BAM! Ken had a flat. Ken has had more flats than anybody I know. I have yet to have one this year after a triathlon, 500 miles [5 days in a row, 100 miles each day], RAGBRAI, 4 more century rides and just plain road training.

Calculations state that between the 4 of us, we have over 11,000 miles. That's totally amazing. I wonder how many I have on my body between running, biking and swimming since January??? hmmmmm... and then there's the miles of a spoon going from ice cream bucket to my chops....that's a double hmmmmm!

I had a PMTI [patty melt with thousand island on the side] with my schooner. Totally recommend as runner's fuel. :) Doesn't that look yummy??

I am staying home tomorrow with my little infitiago infected man. He is contagious until about 1pm [when the meds have taken over] and then we're off to Omaha for a soccer game. I love the idea of a day off with a kiddo that technically isn't sick. Makes the day more fun as we can still play and be normal without a throw-up bucket or cold medicine. Oh! and the schooners were only $3. JACKPOT!

Here's a few more pics. I'm getting tired and need to get to bed so I can get up and run.

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joyRuN said...

mmmm... blue moon. had some last nite as well. have a fantastic bike ride!