Monday, September 22, 2008

In case you were wondering...

I love commercials and this one cracks me up. :D

Monday's Running Report:
Ran with my cross country kiddos today, I think they ran. :P Ticks me off when they walk more than they run and I can't run by/with all of them unless we run around a track and we don't have a track at our school, so I have to have them on the honor system.

It was hot and super windy as we ran .55 miles to the park, 3.13 miles around the park and then another .55 miles home. I averaged an 8:40 pace for the 3.13 miles and used the .55's as a warm up and cool down. I thought about going out later while my little kiddo had soccer practice, but I opted to sit and yak it up with the other parents for a little social networking action.

Alarm is set for 4:30 am and the plan is to run 40-45 minutes. I'm supposed to run 60 minutes, but the dh is out of town, my oldest has a football game I need to get him all packed up for and I have parent-teacher conferences. Oh Happy Tuesday!


joyRuN said...

4:30 am! OUCH. Have a nice run!

Marcy said...

ROFLMAO! Cars in "barbie pillows" (That's an sRod word LOL) very nice

Flatman said...

That commercial is nuts... :)