Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Ride

billowing gusts of wind hitting 20 mph forced us to push even harder on our journey from Conestoga Lake to Friend, NE. we averaged a low 7-9mph as we rode our way south to hwy 33. we hit hwy 33 and we were home free. ok, somewhat. the winds were more in our favor, but we still had to pedal strong through Crete, Dorchester and Friend. the run was great as we averaged approx 18.5 mph. we hit Friend and filled our tummies with the yummo ice cream at the local quick shop.

of course, one cannot eat ice cream alone. oh no. we spotted some big a$$ trucker cups sitting atop case after case of pop. we hit the jackpot as we discussed all the possibilities one big a$$ trucker cup could provide. voted top dog favorite: a margarita keg. we each purchased one, laughing all the way home while we sipped on 100 oz of diet pepsi resulting in the birth of : [trucker cup club]. ohyababy!

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