Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Get Lost!

I dare ya! I live next to the largest corn maze in the world. The maze is 42.6 acres. In fact I'm sending the whole family up there this weekend to test their slogan. :D While their running around cornstalks, I'm going to run the road for a nice long workout. I haven't run in two weeks to this very day because this darn cold I've caught just keeps lingering like a bad smell in a space suit. ha

Right now I'm sipping a fluffy coffee waiting to go to the pumpkin patch ~ double yeah [on the coffee that is :)]! I'm helping chaperone my little man's 3rd grade class just to make sure my patience meter needs no adjustments. It also rained all day yesterday and all night which means....the kiddo's will be all muddy. Which indefinitely multiplys the odds that I'll be all muddy too. GBR!

On another note....I'm currently in the process of setting up a cycling training plan to begin in January [same time as marathon training and I've decided to do the 1/2 versus the whole so I can cycle] beause we are doing 500 miles/5 days in June, and the Triple Bypass and RAGBRAI in July. I am also thinking about attempting my fate at some road races depending on how well I can juggle the two workout schedules. I'm also contemplating doing the Dirty Kanza 200 in Kansas. Any recommendations for training plans they have had success with or an experienced coach they would like to share?

Thanks ya all and have a great day!


Pat said...

If you have a garmin, you should run the maze. After you download your run, you'd have an outline of your run and maybe the maze itself.

ncrunner12 said...

that maze is AWESOME! I think i now have a reason to visit nebraska

Nikemom said...

Hey, good idea Pat!

NCRunner12, a Husker game would be a better reason to visit Nebraska. GBR! ;P

Carly said...

Cool Maze! Maybe I could send my family down there to keep them occupied for awhile. Ha!

BK's So-not-Private Journal said...

I did the maze last year with my daughter's third grade class. If I did it again, I would definately take a garmin or a bottle of wine. It creeped me out a bit to do it on my own.