Sunday, October 19, 2008

Going On A RUN!

My 12 year old [John] and I are going to run up to a nearby lake/campground where my dad is staying. He pulled in yesterday from Montana which makes it a great distance for my kiddos to bike to or run to. The distance is about 3.5 miles from our house so we'll see how John can handle it. He's trying to stay in shape from the end of football season to the beginning of wrestling season which starts in a week. He ran 2.4 miles on Friday and he said he felt great and wasn't sore the next day. This is a good start. :D

We created some playlists and in about 30 minutes we will be off. Here's my playlist [it's a little longer than it would take me to run 3.5 miles, but I'm not sure of his pace yet for that distance; we'll soon find out.] Have a great one!

Get the Party Started ~ P!nk
I'm Not Over ~ Carolina Liar
Crazy Bitch ~ Buckcherry
Run Like Hell ~ Pink Floyd
I Don't Care ~ Fall Out Boy
The World Should Revolve Around Me ~ Little Jackie
Give It 2 Me ~ Madonna
Fa-Fa-Fa ~ Datarock
So What (Main Version) ~ P!nk
Breath (2AM) ~ Anna Nalick

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Vickie said...

Kids are a lot more resilient than we are. He could probably run every day and not be sore!