Thursday, November 13, 2008

Virtual Run Across the U.S.

I was driving home today from the local Y [YMCA] reflecting on a great treadmill run [like treadmill runs rock! haha] wondering . . . like I always do.....

What If?

I have a list of lifetime goals and one of those goals is to ride my bike across the United States. It will be a few years before I can pull that off, so what can I do in the meantime? Of course the
What If? screamed at me as I'm always trying to create and do something only a small portion of population would participate in. So here is what I came up with:

A Virtual Run
Across the United States.

A course would be plotted around places you "gotta see" through the states as we make our way from state to state one mile at a time leading from one coast to the next. The mileage would not be the actual miles from city to city but calculated as [or whatever the case may be from town to town]:
30 miles = 3 miles
100 miles = 10 miles
200 miles = 20 miles

We could create a schedule of anticipated arrival in each town and you do the run wherever you are, on the road, treadmill or path, to get to each point. It may take one run it may take 3 runs to travel from town to town. Very much doable for runners like us, but we will all travel together from city to city, town to town. And when we all arrive, we take off for the next town. We could even create teams to see who gets across the U.S. first [just a thought]. What do you think?

If you do what you love to do,
then you won’t do it in an average way
~ Angela Bassett


Marlene said...

Neat idea! I'm always trying to think up ways to keep it interesting. :)

Melanie said...

Sounds like a very cool idea!

Kim said...

You are too cool for school! Sounds like fun. I just wouldn't want people waiting for me to get from city to city. I'm slow!

J said...

That is a cool idea - My school actually did run across the country. They did it in 1974 and then in 2004 the cross country team ran from california to somewhere on the east coast.

Marci said...

Cool idea, anyone want to run to Canada? LOL. I posted for Photo Friday.

Blyfinn said...

I'm in. Where do I sign?

Nikemom said... and i are sooo much alike! :D

Runnergirl said...

Great idea. I'm in.

Pat said...

I'm in. Especially, if runners in the state we are running in can post some pics and give us a travel log along the way.

Like I could go up to the Grand Canyon and run the trails, snap some pictures and give a virtual run across the US update.

Nikemom said...

i'm thinking that's a great idea Pat! i think it would be cool to have a 'state expert' with visuals and info.

Shoe Running said...

I LOVE it :) I'm totally in!

Julianne said...

Omigosh, this is a brilliant idea!!! Wow, I would love to participate when the run comes to the Northern California!!! By the way, congrats on winning this week's Swap Beat!! :-)

joyRuN said...

I got dibs on southern NJ!!

Marcy said...

Ooooohhh this is a cool idea! I've got upstate NY!

Michelle J said...

Hi Nike Mom,
I am so very in!!! This is a brilliant idea!!!

Details please!!!