Friday, January 2, 2009

T.G.I.F. Photo Friday

For some reason, photos and me are just not jiving today. So no photo post for me today. Sorry. ;P I did a text only post below.

Do you have a photo to share? Because you can even if I didn't. Today is: thank goodness it's friday photo day. If you'd like to participate/share, COMMENT {so I have your blog addy} and I will link to your T.G.I.F. photo post.

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AKA Alice

39 Days Adventure Style

I did not like what my scale told me today so here is how my new year is going to start in regards to nutrition:

I vow to eliminate the following from my diet for 39 days:
scotcharoos. ice cream. sour cherry balls. cinnamon teddy bears. licorice. carmel corn. laffy taffy. cake. pie. fried foods. chocolate. cool whip. any other candy. all sugar. all sweets.

I vow to add more of the following to my diet for 39 days:
water. fruit. vegetables. protein. fiber. vitamins/minerals.

I've talked about it before and I'm talking about it again. Nutrition and exercise. I'm looking to make some significant changes in my diet to impact my race results. Diabetes also runs in my family and at the rate I intake sugar on a daily basis, I'm feeding a potential disease. I've also got a great race schedule for 2009 and I have some personal goals I want to meet.

So here we go. Scale whore is going to measure her success or failure by body fat % only. I'm going for 22%. McRib is going to measure my extremities tomorrow [hips, arms, thighs, butt, waist, calves] and I'm going to hit the road running. At the end of 39 days, I will evaluate, and do what I need to do to keep the success going.

I'm serious, I'm unstoppable and I'm going to be successful!


Oz Runner said...

I have a pic up today of the race I ran yesterday. Happy New Year.

AKA Alice said...

Happy New Year! I'm remembering to come back and comment on your blog after posting pictures. (I typically forget to do this step until it's too late...GAH!)

Have a great day!

Janice {Run Far} said...

I dont have a picture up. but wanted to tell you, I am going on the 39 day adventure of "No Sugar" and adding "water, fiber, veg, and fruit" I was horrible in Dec... need a 39 day detox.

Diana said...

Let me know how your game plan turns out with the sugar...I'm right there with you on that problem. I have this huge passion for candy, any candy, all candy. It is the food of the gods I swear! If I don't buy it, I do ok...easy right???? I just couldn't find a photo today, I am so tired from my long run yesterday, it's all I can do to think straight, kick back and read some blogs!!

The Happy Runner said...

Unstoppable! What a great way to start the year. Good luck with the 39 days and I'll be interested to see how you are doing. Unstoppable, I'm sure!

The Lazy Triathlete said...

My scale was very mean to me also. There is no way I was THAT bad over holidays. I like the idea of a 39 day detox. Good luck!!

Missy said...

I KNOW I was THAT bad over the holidays, jeeze. Yep, everything is tight! So with my pants screaming at me to release them, I have to look at food as fuel (and I LOVE food) not as 'fun.' Can you say B-O-R-I-N-G?!