Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Here We Go Runners, Here We Go!

Bring out the pom poms, do the splits if you can and jump up and down cause HERE WE GO....

Congrats to

Alice won the Geared for Women Cycling Gloves Giveaway. Go Alice! Go Alice! This is your sign. Wear them and bike on girlie. In her blog, she states:

Now, I'm not a biker, but I'm thinking of getting started because Betty has this crazy idea that we should bike around Lake Tahoe this summer. I think it's nuts. I've driven that road plenty of times in my life, and I can't imagine biking it (although I know people do). I certainly don't have the kind of road bike I would need for such a trip.BUT...last time Betty had a crazy idea like this, I ended up running a marathon, so I'll keep you posted. If I win the gloves, I'll take it as a sign. :-)

Nike+ Team Women

I was contacted by Nike+ to do a plug for the Men vs. Women Challenge. It started this week so get logged on to follow or join. Here's the info I was given:

This week we launch the Men vs. Women Challenge. The concept is simple: 2 teams. 38 days. The team with most kilometres will defeat the other! On this page, women can show their support by becoming a fan of the women team, or enter the challenge:

The men’s page is not out yet, because we want to make sure guys don’t steal the victory like they did last year because they were simply more numerous! We need to make every run count.


Every Friday I have been hosting the T.G.I.F Foto Friday. The response and participation has been absolutely phenomenal. Gracious to all of you!!! and...because it has been so successful, I wanted to kick it up a notch and give you all a photo theme for Friday, February 27. I'm not a huge TV watcher, but I have found myself getting caught up in America's Next Top Model. I spent one whole afternoon mesmerized by the dynamics of the show - I love it - the photography that is. So here is your theme: America's Next Top Runner. You interpret it however you want, and make it all about you. You need to be in the picture somehow, someway. Spread the spirit, have fun with it and I look forward to seeing those photos.

The Shirt That Races

Check it out! Get yourself linked up and let's get the momentum and motivation back into The Shirt That Races!

Today's workout: 1250 yd swim {done}, 3 mile run, 25 mile bike. RUN ON!!!


Denise said...

Good idea for foto Friday...but I'm sure my pic will suck if it has to do w/ me running. No race photos ever turn out!

Missy said...

I've never had an action shot turn out, Denise. I always look like I'm dying and need CPR. Yeah for IS a sign!

Melanie said...

congrats to Alice! yay!

Marlene said...

Congrats Alice! Time to get a bike. :)

Ooooh, can't wait to see what people come up with for the photo theme... and what I can come up with!

Nikemom said...

America's Next Top Runner Pic does not have to be one of you racing. Be creative, think outside the box; check out the will get tons of ideas. Be funny, be serious, be mocking, be happy! Just do it!

Diana said...

Like the foto friday idea, will have to give this one a little thought!
Congrats to AKA!!!!!!!

Chic Runner said...

great idea, i'll try to find one. :)

J said...

The NIKE+ thing sounds real cool! And a theme for foto friday! I am going to have to bring my camera with me everywhere now!

Renee said...

The Nike+ thing sounds like a cool idea! I am going to have work on the photo but that will be cool!

Janice {Run Far} said...

oh goodie, my mind is spinning already for a great foto.

FAPORT International said...

great!! i like your idea..