Monday, February 9, 2009

The Weekend Runs

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? The weather here was warm and gorgeous and a taste of spring and I'm thinkin' "Bring it on"! The weather only enhanced the weekend excitement.

Here is a recap of my weekend events:

I am excited to introduce a new member into our family: Baby Ian. Baby Ian was born February 6 at 5:03 pm. 21.5" inches long and 7.3 lbs. He was a very content baby (for now) and my brother seemed to be on top of the world. I couldn't wait to go see him, but had to accomplish other things first like run the 7 on the 7th hosted by Run to Finish and teach spin class.

I had plotted out my 7 miles running towards Lincoln where I teach spin. Leaving the house at 5:45am, McRib was going to pick me up at 6:45am (7 miles later) to haul my hiney into the YMCA so I could teach class at 7:30am. I got all my gear ready to run and packed my gym bag for spin and off to bed I went. That was the plan; only, my tummy was quite gurgly.

Sleep was very restless. Alarm blared at 4:50am; tummy gurgled all night. The debate now is "Do I run and get caught at 6am in the dark having the runs on the road or run it tonight after the BRRR ride?" I debated and debated with self. I hate these debates. The verdict: hold off.

I made it through spin class. woowoo! Back home to get ready for the rest of the day. I had organized an event called the Nebraska BRRR Ride (copycat of Iowa's BRRR Ride). The ride, regardless of the weather conditions, was going to take place. It was short and sweet and included beverages and prizes. Since I organized it, I had to be there so if things still weren't too well with me, I could always drive it. The ride was at 2pm and we needed to sneak in meeting Baby Ian. Visiting Baby Ian was awesome! Hard to leave even as nice as the weather was.

I rode the BRRR ride. It was awesome. Weather was perfecto! Here's our group.

We rode approximately 7 miles to Roca, stopped at the local establishment, had a drink, watched the end of the Nebraska basketball game {we won} and we headed back. We celebrated our accomplishment of a ride in February at a local establishment called The Fox. I laid low as I had concluded that the less I ate, the better I felt.

I did not get my 7 miles virtual run in Saturday or Sunday as Sunday I felt worse than Saturday. ARGH! Hopefully Run to Finish will organize another virtual run!

Today is the official day half-marathon training begins for the Lincoln Half Marathon May 3. John, my 12-year old is ready to run. We talked about a blog or someway for him to record his journey. If he completes the training and the run, this would be quite an accomplishment for a kiddo that age.

Today's workout: 3 mile run, 1000 yd swim, 45 min spin. RUN ON!


Kelly said...

Feel better! That baby is adorable!

Diana said...

Cute pic of Ian-congrats on being an Aunt!
Seems like everyone is having the stomach issues lately!
Nice weather here today, however, unable to enjoy any of it....spring, bring it on...I need to run and bike long and hard! :-)

Missy said...

Oh, sweet baby! Good choice on the run, don't want to get caught out there with a raging gut. Always pack one pre-packed moist towelette:)

Trishie said...

great weekend! cute baby! good looking group of riders :)

Nikemom said...

Great advice Missy! I would've never thought of that. :)

Blyfinn said...

I rode to Iowa Brr ride this past weekend. You should have just came and joined us. It was a blast.

Melanie said...

I can't wait to ride outside again! I miss it! Congrats on becoming an aunt! :)

Marlene said...

Yikes, hope you are feeling better. Glad to hear you made it through Spin and your BRRR event. Sounds fun!

Baby Ian is adorable - congrats to the family!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great weekend.
Love the new addition.
Hope you feel better.

Michelle said...

Congrats on baby Ian!!! What a cutie he is!!!

I hope you are feeling better today!!! Are you??


Sarah said...

Ian looks sweet!!