Monday, March 16, 2009

25 Things About Me

Hello Peeps! We had a great long weekend of wrestling, glad it's Monday so I can rest. HA! I missed both my Sat and Sun runs, so I'm going to fit in my long one (120 min) either today or tomorrow.

My post today is off the lead of ChicRunner's, who we all know is the coolest of the cool. I too ignored the requests on FB just because, I don't know why, so here you go, right here in Blogger-land you will maybe learn something about me I haven't already written about in a post.

You will not see items in my list that state I have two anal openings, three teets or have been around the world on my rollar blades just because it's simply not true.

  1. I love ice cream. I could live on ice cream. Morning, noon and night.
  2. I have self-diagnosed A.D.D. I like to do lots of different things and move from thing to thing. I don't like to sit or lay around. I DVR any show I like to watch so I can skip through the commercials. However, I like commercials. {???} The creative/funny ones that is.
  3. I am a scale whore. I weigh myself, at minimum, 3 times a day and YES! I take off all my clothes to do it. It's the only way.
  4. I read magazines backwards. Wierd, I know. I love pictures in magazines and quick blurbs of info. I also do not read the sappy stories of fiction. I like real stories and real facts and real people.
  5. When I was young, I wanted to be a cosmotologist. I used to comb everybody's long hair. I was told I wouldn't make any money doing hair. HA! I don't make any money in education.
  6. The summer after my freshman year in college, I sold a limited supply of army surplus blankets and sleeping bags. Ones they actually used in the war. I advertised in my dad's magazine and they went like hot cakes in a period of a few months. That was my spending money my sophomore year in college.
  7. My favorite two places in the world are Jackson Hole, WY and Pine Island, FL. I would love to have a summer cabin in Jackson and a winter home on Pine Island. In a perfect world.
  8. I do not like to do dishes.
  9. My life goal is to be self employed.
  10. I am never late. I hate being late. I don't like waiting for people who are late. In fact I won't. 15 minutes and I move on. My dear hubby is always late. Drives me nuts. I am always 15-20 min early and I'm always 30 min early when I am teaching a spin class. It is hard for me to show up "on time". Drives me crazy for some reason. I drive my dear hubby crazy.
  11. I usually procrastinate. I usually wait as long as possible to get something done, not because I don't want to do it, or because I'm lazy, but because I know I do my best work under pressure and that's usually at the last minute and I'm still never late.
  12. I love photography. Thomas Mangelson is my fave. I wish I could be him.
  13. I am very independent, honestly blunt and don't like pity party's.
  14. My Myer's Briggs result is INTJ. {That is a slight "I" - very slight. I probably got an "I" because I like alone time}
  15. My biggest, biggest, biggest pet peeve ever is people who chomp and snap their gum. I think it's gross and rude.
  16. I have two masters degrees, contemplating my PhD but dread the GRE.
  17. I love to shop for workout gear. Shorts, shoes, tops, bags, you name it. I love workout clothes.
  18. I have over 50 pairs of shoes. I love shoes, but I love to go barefoot. {Waaaahhhattt??}
  19. I love change. Did I already mention my self-diagnosed A.D.D. I will never be one of those individuals who stays with a company for life. For a long period like 10 years yes, but I'm always looking for something bigger, better and of course new and different.
  20. I'm always in a hurry. I don't know why. I am very speedy {efficient} and don't understand how it takes some people FOREVER!!!!!
  21. I love freshly washed sheets. I would love to have different bedding each week. I love color. Did I mention I like change???
  22. I ride a Fat Boy. Yes, a Harley and I own all the leather that goes with it. I have very loud pipes on my bike - Pythons. My pipes are louder than the dear hubs. He doesn't agree with me, he says his are deeper and throatier, but I don't agree. I'm right.
  23. I was up to 220 lbs when I was pregnant with my youngest. I now weigh 150. I weighed 130-135 in high school. I would like to weight 140.
  24. I do not get along with my mom. Never have.
  25. I applied for Survivor a few years ago. I'm thinking I should've just kept sending my tape. Maybe I'll make a new one. I love Survivor!

So there you have it. There's more, I'll save that for another list. Have a great day!

Today's workout: weights, abs, 25 mile bike ride, run??



Diana said...

I am with you on #10 about people being late-I never carpool or the such, people are never on "my" schedule so to speak!
#20 I love too, kind of goes with #10. I am always on the "move". My hubby-just the opposite-drives me INSANE! How we are married for so long beats me!
#22-FAT BOY!!! Well, just plain JEALOUS! I want to learn to ride. We used to own a few bikes, I was always the back seater-now I want FRONT ROW! Will you teach me to ride?????!!!

Marlene said...

Love the list!

Marci said...

Thats a great list, thanks for sharing! I obsessively weigh myself, but only once without clothes (in the am), and the throughout the day a mentally subtract what I think my clothes weigh. Sick little game, lol!

Denise said...

And I thought I was bad with the scale. ;-)

You should apply again for Survivor...You'd kick butt!

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

That's an interesting list for sure. Have a great bike ride!

Chic Runner said...

Wow you ride a harley! you are hardcore :) Thanks for the shout out and how funny we do it on here but not on FB. I just don't want everyone in FB world to know about me! :)

Let's Go While We're Young said...
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Let's Go While We're Young said...

Funny, my list is SO similar! I could almost cut and paste into my blog. In fact I think I'll do that and edit! Those things about me must be Spin Instr. traits.

Let's Go While We're Young said...

Funny, my list is SO similar! I could almost cut and paste into my blog. In fact I think I'll do that and edit! Those things about me must be Spin Instr. traits.

The Lazy Triathlete said...

Wow. I am INTJ too. Also very minimal I. I have to have my alone time. It drives my wife nuts. But I have to get way and just be quiet.

Sarah said...

I think you are partly my soul mate. I HATE being late. I have to force myself to be late to parties because I'm known to stress out the host by showing up before they are ready! Workout clothes, shoes, weight, ADD. Yep - sould mate.

joyRuN said...

Dang - we've got a lot in common!

Great list, girl :)

PS - I'm ISTJ. Very strong on the I. I might as well be a dayum hermit.

Michelle said...

We have a lot in common chica!!!

Terrific list!!!