Thursday, June 11, 2009

Vegas Bound?

December 6, 2009

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I'm in. KimPossible and Doug are in.

I'm thinking we all get like shirts to wear because obviously we are going to hook up, have some pre-race fun and run like he!! the next day. Who's in?

p.s. If we do shirts - I am suggesting the COOLEST ones possible. :D Dryfit and knockout design. Any designer runners out there?

today's workout: NONE!!!!!! :D


I Run for Fun said...

Go for it!

Trishie said...

that's awesome !!

Kim said...

IIIIII think they should say Happy Birthday Kim on them. :)

But if you're not so in on that...let me think of something else.

My bestest friend Karen is in as well.

RunToFinish said...

ohhh boy, now you're in too... gosh I was already thinking about it and now the fun people are growing... I may have to talk more to kim!