Sunday, November 29, 2009

Setting Goals for 2010

I've always been a goal setter. In fact, I have a folder I've created listing my goals; some short term, some long term. When I accomplish a goal, I write the date and location next to my goal. 2009 has been a great year for me. I've accomplished and participated in a number of events this year and feel darn good about it.

With 2009 coming to an end, I've decided it's time to start plotting events for 2010. Things may change as the year goes by according to my kiddos events and family events that may pop up, but here goes:

Entire Rock-n-Roll Marathon Series (1/2 marathon) {I already have some conflicts, so all 13 might not happen}
  • Arizona ~ Jan 17
  • New Orleans ~ Feb 28
  • Dallas ~ March 14 {conflict with cousins wedding in Las Vegas}
  • New York 1/2 marathon
  • Nashville ~ April 24
  • San Diego ~ June 6
  • Seattle ~ June 26
  • Chicago ~ Aug 1 {conflict with RAGBRAI}
  • Virginia Beach ~ Sept 5
  • Philadelphia ~ Sept 19
  • San Jose ~ Oct 3
  • Los Angeles ~ Oct 24
  • San Antonio ~ Nov 14
  • Las Vegas
  • Lincoln 1/2 Marathon ~ May 2
  • Council Bluffs 1/2 Marathon ~ May 23
  • 5 Days/500 Miles Bike Ride
  • Triple Bypass ~ July 10
  • RAGBRAI ~ July 25-31
  • Hotter'n Hell
  • Omaha Marathon ~ September
  • Market to Market Relay
So there it is folks. Events will probably change as time goes, but I'm looking forward to even better things to come!


Alexandra said...

and they might all happen too because 13 is a lucky number!

Alili said...

Sounds pretty great to me - I'm excited to follow along!

Pat said...

That's one impressive schedule. Good luck, I hope you get to do them all.

Aka Alice said...

Yay! I see San Diego there!

I have a friend who's trying to convince me about RAGBRAI. I'm trying to convince my husband that'd it'd be fun to follow me across Iowa in a motor home. He's not sold on the idea...yet... :-)

Diana said...

What, that's all???
Holy crap...what a year you have planned for yourself. I so wanted to do that Dallas 1/2 on March 14th-that's my birthday and it would be great to do a 1/2 mary on my birthday-but I have other plans for this upcoming year.
Can't wait to read how these all turn out.
BTW-let me know the week you decide on the 5/500 again. I know I won't be able to do all 5, but I'd sure like to do at least 1 again!


Dang woman... you own a bank?
Triple bypass? My brother has done it...brutal. You're an ANIMAL (and I mean that in a nice way)

Wes said...

That's ambitious! Good luck!!

dannielo said...

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