Saturday, January 30, 2010

Changing My Mantra

Ok, so I've gone missing for a while. Not too far, but things stack up and you have to prioritize. I just wanted to stop by and see "HI" to all who follow and I want you to know, that I do check in on you all now and then. I haven't done a lot of commenting, but do know what your doing.

I'm in the process of redesigning my blog and will have a new address. I purchased and am excited to get it up and rolling. With the new roll-out I will be posting regularly - mostly about running, biking, family and life's silly things.

I hope everybody's weekend is off to a great start. I taught a 60 min spin class this morning and we are now off to see my kiddos wrestle. Tonight I'm going to sneak in a 5 mile run and then spend some QT with the hubs.