Tuesday, March 11, 2008

28 Days....

For a period of 28 days I am giving up the following:
  • creamer for my morning coffee - omg how I love my morning coffee; I'm crying already, all black.
  • soda - I usually don't even drink one a day, but it sounded good to give up
  • ice cream - I LOVE ice cream! it is nothing for me to down a 1/2 gallon in less than 2 days! can you say ~ oink oink
  • sweets - I'm a sweet freak! cake, cinnamon rolls, licorice, dots, sour cherry balls, etc.
Why? you ask...well... I'm working my a$$ off training for a 1/2 marathon and a couple of triathlons, plus I just want to look d*mn good in my clothes. I'm pushing the seams a little, could be because I'm lifting 4 days a week, however, it's just a plain good idea to get back to a healthy "me".

I'm adding more of the following to my daily routine:
  • water
  • water
  • water
Lately I just haven't been drinking enough water. Y? have no clue. Just because I guess.

So here I go...wish me luck, cheer me on, root for me I'll keep you posted. My 28 days start tomorrow - May 12, 2008.

am workout = weights: triceps, shoulders, chest
pm workout = 10 min easy run, 20 min tempo run, 10 min easy run


Adrian_O said...

Good luck on the 1/2! Gotta love the Full Blown X.

shelley said...

Go Girl! Giving up a few of my own vices to try and get back to a healthy me.