Monday, March 3, 2008

Zeroed Out

Zeroing in on this much-desired passion of mine has lent itself to creating a disciplined avoidance of any and all other responsibilites.

I really, really don't want to (with a lot of "but I's"):

  • work - but I need $$$ to pay for the tri's
  • clean - but I need clean dishes to eat my healthy food off of
  • do laundry - but I need clean workout clothes
  • shop for groceries - but I need to eat
  • finish my research paper - but I graduate May 18

Right now I would rather:

  • train
  • sleep
  • eat "clean"
  • polish workout plan
  • train some more
  • shop for workout clothes
  • sleep some more
  • train again
  • research tris on the web
  • blog
  • train, yet...some more

So, I've created 10 FOCUS POINTS for the week.

1. Feed the dog.
2. Pluck eyebrows (husbands)
3. Shave.
4. Oooh over hubbys muscles (instead of mine)
5. Feed the kids something other than cereal, poptarts & leftovers.
6. Work on research paper instead of playing with the Garmin.
7. Wash dress clothes FIRST instead of workout clothes.
8. Have a martini instead of a protein drink. (OK, after the protein drink)
9. Buy hubby boxers instead of underarmor (for me of course).
10. Tell family I LOVE them! (Sherpa's in training)

1 comment:

Eric said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. Stop back as often as you like or subscribe to the RSS feed. I'm sometimes sporadic with posting.

I'm with ya on doing things other than what should be done. I should be getting my day started, but instead I'm reading blogs and trying to not work on my tri bike.

I'll be checking on your progress towards Pigman.