Friday, February 29, 2008

Sick STATus

STATS on my little man...
Temperature: Low Grade Fever
Location: Couch potato
Action: Drifting in and out of Hannah Montana
Sick Days: Going on #3.

STATS on mom...

A.M. Workout: Nope.
P.M. Workout: Yep. Husband plays nurse.
Location: Next to couch potato.
Action: Grazing
Sick Days: Quickly running out.

STATS on husband...
A.M. Workout: Eating a donut.
P.M. Workout: What's that?
Location: Downtown eating out with family
Action: Going to Girls State Basketball Tournament
Sick Days: All still in tow.


Rural Girl said...

Hope your little guy is better by now. Definitely hard to see them sick.

shelley said...

Love the mom stats vs. dad stats - I can so relate!