Sunday, June 8, 2008

Tom Petty, Wind, Biscuits & Gravy

So, I wake up at 4:30am to get ready for a bike ride leaving at 6am. I gaze out the window and I see wind, the trees are blowing vicarioiusly. YIKES I hate Nebraska wind. Dedicated to my bike club "Team Hutch", I run around searching for my "pedal on" attitude. :)

Crusing to town I blast the Tom Petty CD I made for my principal interview in Raymond thatI had on Wednesday. Feature song: I won't Back Down. I'm now getting excited and prepped for a 35 mile ride into blaring winds.

To spare you all the details of the windy ride except that it sucked, it sucked some more and I had numerous "I give up moments" I did prevail to the teams daily motto: breakfast in Beatrice and simply "I won't Back Down". We made it to Beatrice and had breakfast at Woodee's Diner. YUMMO! I had biscuits and gravy - my all time breakfast favorite - so worth every wind blast, even the ones that almost laid you over on your side.

The ride to Beatrice took 3.5 hours. The ride home: less than 2 hours. I averaged between 25-35mph. We flew, we rode and we had fun!

Another note - bullet points of what I'm got in store for the summer:
  • lose 10lbs
  • e-Bay business
  • tri training
  • de-junk house
  • eat lettuce out of my garden
  • can salsa
  • make jalapeno jelly
  • shop
  • coffee with friends
  • shop
  • wine with friends
  • shop
  • and shop some more

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gravy said...

Tom Petty, Wind, Biscuits and who?

You're the second person I've found that road to Beatrice on Saturday... hmmmm... maybe I should have braved the aero-waves...