Tuesday, May 27, 2008

TAG - Your It!

Ahhh-ha! I was going to delete my post about the t-shirt design contest, but thanks to Shelly from Running My Life spreading the news, I'm going to exercise a little patience and see what surfaces. Thanks Shelly!

I've been tagged by Running My Life to do a meme. My blogging capabilities are in their "suck phase", but here goes:

1. Two years ago I went to Jackson, WY for 10 days, by myself, slept in my van and hiked every day way way up as high as I could go even when the trail ran out. I saw bear and moose, and had a stand-off with a moose on a hike (a whole other story). Magnanimous is the only word to describe my experience. I hiked between 10-15 miles at a shot and chose some of the lessor populated trails to heighten the challenge. I can give more specific details about the trails, places to eat and lots of pics later as I don't know if there is a 'meme' limit on words? lol The pic at the top of my blog is one I took of the tetons with the famous Cody barn on the right.

2. I love to eat! My biggest weakness right now is ice cream. It is nothing for me to down a carton in less than 24 hours. :} I'm not much on junk food, (wait a minute isn't ice cream junke food???) but have a hard time pushing away "darn" good food like carmelized BBQ ribs, spicy green chile enchiladas and scotcharoos. If I had any ounce of control over my eating habits, I might weight 120 instead of 150. But, life is short, so hence, my next item...

3. I'm obsessed with exercise. I bike, I spin, I run, I swim, and now I do pilates and yoga. I was a high school/college athlete and after my two kiddos were born I carried around 20-30 extra lbs. YUK! With Weight Watchers as my partner, I got back on track and have been fortunate not to escalate the scale again. :) I am currently on a training plan for the Tinman Triathlon June 14 and Pigman Triathlon August 17 and of course plotting what my adventures will be next year. Maybe I'll lead adventure trips to Jackson, WY. (Want to go?)

4. I have two masters in education (C&I and Administration) and I still want to be a cosmotologist. hmmmm School is out in 3 days, I have my third interview tomorrow and I still think about how I can go back to school to cut hair. Crazy me. My dad encouraged me NOT to "cut hair" because I would never make any money. another hmmmmm What to do? So I'm thinking about starting an e-bay business or an exercise/adventure business if this third interview doesn't pan out. Got any ideas? I'd love to hear them.

5. I love being alone. I love alone time, morning, noon and night. I enjoy my friends and family and can be "alone" with them, but they don't always get it. At least my husband doesn't, in the morning anyways. I don't get scared traveling alone, riding my bike down the open highway alone or running in the dark early in the morning or late at night. I am very independent, probably too much so but I know I can survive, no matter what consequences are thrown at me.

Here are the meme rules:
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Tag! I don't have many blog friends yet, but these blogs inspire me so your it:


shelley said...

I've done tax returns for many hairdressers - and they do just fine. In fact, the ones that own their own shops and collect station rent from other hairdressers, I'm pretty sure make more money than most educators.

Just a thought.

Rachel said...

Thank you for tagging me! Thank you also for adding me to your blog. It's awesome to find other cool women out there who are as addicted to exercise as me!