Saturday, August 23, 2008

Hang in can do it!

i must apologize for my less than desirable blogging abilities and my less than pathetic blog. i love to peruse others blogs reading their funny stories about their kids, hurdles of training for an event and then of course the detailed race report. i so wish i was like you [if there is a 'you' out there reading this]!? :)

i find myself overindulged in my own training, kids' activities, personal endeavors, not to mention my career and taking care of a hubby and acreage that i have little energy left in me at the end of the day to write words of my thoughts in progress. it's like i need an extra hour just to write my entry [at minimum] and then a few more hours to follow-up on other bloggers. i often feel so overwhelmed when i think of the word BLOG that i just ignore the thought and move on to something else, like eating a hundred oreos while watching the olympics. i'm such a pig.

i'm really a bullet kind of person. short, sweet and to the point. i love pictures [not of me as you can witness below, my lovely smiling face] but if i posted all the pics i took in a day, would run out of room and kick me off their site. ahaha

so, i vow to you, the one [if you are one] who has browsed my site to stay more up-to-date and talk about my funny stories, training and race events [in more than bulleted points, like i'm going to do below]

sweet saturday points:
  • rode my bike 40 miles
  • drank 2 bloody mary's
  • bought 2 pair of shoes [high heals] ohhlala
  • bought 1 pair of running shorts
  • bought a rack for my bike to carry my bose/ipod
  • made homemade pizza
  • drank 2 glasses of wine
  • watched the olympics
  • ate 100 oreos [ok, so maybe not 100, but more than 10]
  • readied myself for the heatstroke 103 tomorrow [103 mile bike ride]
next week kicks off the husker football season. go bo[dacious]!! maybe we'll see you at the game.


smellyshelley said...

I need to take up drinking blood mary' t-shirt today?

Nikemom said...

only tshirts m-f...i dress up on the weekends! lol