Sunday, August 24, 2008

Heatstroke 100

it was a great day on the road! 5 of the 7 pictured completed a full century. this makes 9 centuries for me this summer. my goal is 10 hence we have one last century ride scheduled in 3 weeks.

i ate like a pregnant sow on the ride consisting of hot tamales, strawberry fig newtons, brats, dip, chips, pork, and soda. i was a cravin soda like crazy today which is odd for me as i'm usually a h20 freakker. of course the scale whore that i am, i had to immediately get naked when i got home and weigh myself. results: ahaha [no blurtin numbers here] but thank goodness the day wasn't as bad as i thought, afterall i did bike 100 miles, that's a ticket to eat something more than birdfood, right?!

race report of things we conquered today:
  • eating too much
  • 50 mile point: "i'm done!"
  • putting up with don brag about his 3000+0000000 miles
  • dee flashing all the oncoming cars with her new bling bling
  • listening (or not) to a dead ipod
  • coming to grips with the fact the ceresco h20 tower really doesn't move
  • a hill
  • burping brats
  • another hill
  • falling
  • and yet another hill
  • falling twice
  • getting ready to sprint past the river people
  • some wind
  • sore a$$e$
  • raw knee pads
  • and again another hill
  • burping garlic all the way home
this weeks plan: walk 60 min in the a.m. mon, tues, thurs, fri and in the p.m. alternate biking and running. jake has his first competitive soccer game on thurs and john starts football tomorrow. the race is on.

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gravy said...

Let me know about the next Century. I could use another.

I'm hoping to get a flat so I have an excuse to get rid of this spare tire that keep growing around my gut.