Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Animal or Not?!?

OK, so as much as I had planned, I did not make the September to Remember 100. I ended up with 81.26 miles. Still good, but I did not meet the goal.

I was on track and then WHAM! I experienced a few very bad, no good days at work. It's hard to run with a pouting lip dragging on the ground, so I didn't run. By Friday I was pretty much over the tongue lashing I took from the so-called boss, so I plotted a potential plan that I could still make goal. It would require a few hard runs, but I can't claim to be an animal if I don't run like one.

Friday I created my plan of revival. Saturday, I ran the 17 miles from my home to my cross country meet. It was awesome. I got a sore toe, a sore calf and a bathroom pic which I can't get off my phone.

I logged the miles I ran and totaled it up, I was at 71.26. OMG! That's almost 30 miles to go in 3 days. No can do! is what my toe was shouting. So on Sunday I succumbed to a bike ride for ice cream. My friend Don and I biked to Friend and of course we pigged out on ice cream. waaaay Yummo! I'm still left with almost 30 miles and now two days to go: Mon and Tues.

Just for fun, I recounted my miles and guess what? When I added my 17 miles, let's just say I didn't add the 10 spot. Great news! I am really sitting at 81.26. I can do this!!!! I superexcited again. The evening was all organized: John, football game. Attend and bring home. Jake, soccer. Hubby pick up at football game, take to soccer and bring pizza home for dinner. Can salsa with the garden goodies picked my dh on Sunday, put kiddos to bed, kiss them goodnight and them I'm off for a 10 miler at 9pm. hahahahahaha That's right folks. 9pm rolls around and guess what I'm doing? Still making salsa, making salsa and making salsa. That 10-miler does not happen as this animal was still making salsa (did I already say that? lol).

I suppose at this point one could say, "do the 18.74 miles today". Now that would be total animal. And who knows; as spontaneous as I am, I just may run it out. So, what do you think? Should I find my grrrr and "Just Do It!" or go home, spend time with my kiddos, attend the CAbi party my friend is hosting, run the 45 minutes I'm scheduled for, shower, hot tub and crawl into a nice comfy warm bed?


Kim said...

100 miles can come next month.

I was in your boat up until Saturday, on track to run over 90 miles for the month-my most ever. Then it all fell apart. There's always next month. Enjoy your 45 min run, friends and family tonight.

joyRuN said...

Either way - that is truly impressive mileage! The second option sounds sooo much more inviting, but I wouldn't put it past you to wrestle the 18+ in there.

Marci said...

You are putting impressive mileage even if it isn't 100!! Well done!

Ms. V. said...

You can do CAbi online...Go for the run!!!