Friday, October 3, 2008


View from my backdoor. In exactly 15 Fridays from today, I will have the opportunity to enjoy this longer than a snapshot. :D More than likely this beauty will all be covered in snow, but nonetheless, it's all about the opportunity. Have a great weekend!

[Here we go again! Today is: thank goodness it's friday pic day. Every friday until the end {whenever that may be} is designated T.G.I.F. Pic Day. If you'd like to participate/share, send me an email: nikemomof2[at]gmail[dot]com OR comment and I will link to your tgif pic. oh happy friday.]

T.G.I.F. Links
TwoLeftFeet {this pic is a riot!}

AND in case you were wondering how you were going to run that marathon with high heels on.....drum roll please....

How to Run in High Heels
How to Run in High Heels


ncrunner12 said...

I found your blog through Marcy's and yes please add me to the TGIF Pic Day. What a great idea.

You back yard looks amazing, I would have never thought Nebraska could look so nice. Enjoy it while it lasts. Have a great weekend.

Marcy said...

You have a pond back there?! That's so cool!

Nikemom said...

Actually, we have 3, and yes, it's waaaayyy COOL! I love our place. :P

Michelle J said...

Hello i also found your blog through Marcy's and i'd love to participate in photo friday!!

What shall i do to start??


Kim said...

I'll be back every Friday to see a new pic. How fun!
Have a great weekend.

Adam said...

Just happened upon your blog.

Cool picture.

Anonymous said...

This is my first TGIF pic day, and I'd love to be linked and added! I promise that the picture on my blog is real - haha. Poor Dylan, he's so patient with us when we get a case of the Fridays.

joyRuN said...

WOW - it's gotta be nice to wake up to that every day!