Friday, September 5, 2008

here we go.... it's T.G.I.F.

i'm loving chiciago and i'm not ready to go home! we fly out at 3pm. waaaahhhh! :) truth is, i'm dreading the taxi ride to the airport and this time i've packed a puke bag and a bagel for backup. i'm a motion sickness type of girl and the last taxi ride about did me in. we got this maniac cab driver who pulsed the gas the whole ride in between peeling out and around on the shoulder to get in front. i was to the point i didn't know if i was going to puke or poop my pants. yikes!

got up and ran 3 miles this morning to tick off some of the sept 100. i actually only need to add 15 miles to my current sept training schedule, not miss a run and i should be good to go! i coach cross country so i'll be running with the kiddos and i'm thinking i can get in my extra 15 at practice.

let me know if you've got a T.G.I.F pic and i'll link to your post. have a great day and [run on!] [bike on!] [swim on!] or whatever you do [on]. :)

p.s. the lawn is finally done!


Marcy said...

Dang girl, have that barf bag in hand LOL

Thanks for the linky!!

Ms. V. said...

I swear you people are the craziest about your football. My bestest gf is, and I swear she is going to have that lawn next week, I'll bet.

Great blog! Good luck on the taxi trip!

huskerrunning said...

Oh how I love the lawn! But I was already to blog about the off color Nebraska t-shirts! There is just something wrong with a pink, orange or blue Nebraska t-shirt!
Hope you made it home OK

Marci said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I will definately post a TGIF next week!!

Julie said...

O.M.G!!! Is that for real!?!?! Now I know a lot of people from NE and I know you love your Huskers...but that is amazing!

Love your blog, I will be checking in often. Also love your TGIF photos...may just join you with fun!

Non-Runner Nancy said...

OMG, the lawn.

Hey, I keep forgetting to ask my friend Terri if she knows you. Aren't you in the school system over there?? Terri Craig? Curtis Craig?