Thursday, September 4, 2008

Rain No More

so i'm back at the argo tea cafe, for free wifi of course, drinking a chai latte. it was a wet and wild day along michigan ave. i'm guessing i took in about 6-7 miles of walking down the michigan mile, state street, and grand street to name a few. i found some great bargains at sports authority - underarmour 1/2 off. i love UA so who could turn that down? i found 2buckchuck at Trader Joe's. 2buckchuck is a cheapo wine that is supposed to taste fantistico. we'll see how good it is waking up in the morning. heehee and then i hit Tiffany's. bought an Elsa Perriti ring. i've definitely died and gone to heaven now! and my finger will look good going there. :)

i made three trips back to the hotel to dry off with my blowdryer and of course i had to take a bathroom picture along the way for Marcy.

of course mine doesn't compare to hers as my face is hiding behind the camera and the mirror is like yucko! if that was our hotel mirror, i'd be asking for a refund. lol i'll have to work on my composition by using a different camera.

well, it's been a great day in the city. the night is young and i'm going to catch dinner with my husband's bosses wife.

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Marcy said...

Ooohhhh look at you! And it looks like you have a nice fancy smancy camera too! I need to get with the program and get a good cam *sigh*