Thursday, September 4, 2008

Quick Peek at Thursday in Chicago

woke up early for a 30 min run. it was raining so i opted for the fitness facility at our hotel. it was awesome! i should've checked the place out sooner as i was bummed to see that i missed the 6am yoga class. oh well. hate to wear myself out too fast when i've got shopping to do!!! :)

it was tough getting online to jot a quick post as free wifi does not exist in downtown chicago. i did find this argo tea cafe off of state street, which is perfecto. i would recommend the breakfast burrito {and it does comes with free wifi}. :)

anyways, i'll have to chat later about my cab ride to the hotel. it was less than appealing as i about lost my oats on the cab driver. tata....i'm off to burn up the cc.

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