Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Mojo Says...

OK, so this is not running related, but I don't feel too good - caught a cold virus from some kiddo who sneezed all over the computer and then asked for help [I'm sure of it - lol], I feel fat from eating tooooo much at night [I'm 100% sure of that], we were shut down in a Code Red yesterday [it was way too scary, I took a pic of myself, but didn't like my new haircut - heehee] and I saw a student get arrested this morning before school even started. major oops, what I saw wasn't what I thought, it wasn't good, she was a victim. [tears :(] What a week and it's only Tuesday. So just a little bit of Mojo trivia to sooth the soul......

Way toooo... EWWW! ~ OMG! ~ OMFG! ~ ROTFL!

7% of kids will me kicked out of school this year because of this?
Answer: Show up to school with inappropriate Halloween costume.

32% of married people do this...?
Answer: Sleep in separate beds.

Woman use this everyday, even though it is know to be saturated with millions of bacteria including human and/or animal waste.
Answer: A Purse

1 out of 300 people have an irrational fear of this.
Answer: Pink Flamingos.

39% of 18 to 34 year-olds would quit if this happened at work.
Answer: If Facebook was blocked at work.

9% of men have done this with a toothbrush.
Answer: Brushed their teeth with a toothbrush that has fallen into a toilet and they don't even know it.

1 in 5 men have done this...
Answer: Dressed like a woman, and NOT for Halloween.

3% of people have done this on a first date...
Answer: Went to the bathroom and never came back.

You're 30% likely to have this happen to you on Halloween...
Answer: Get candy from a sex offender.


joyRuN said...

What am I missing with this Facebook thing? I'm apparently missing out on a LOT of township gossip because I'm not on it.

Sounds like a crazay two days - good luck with the remaining three!!

Marketing Gurl said...

I love your blog!! I love meeting new runners on the blogs!~ Love, MG

Marcy said...

OMG!! The purse thing is just so nasty. So so nasty LMAO!

Melanie said...

feel better soon! I have the same cold.... and i'm with Marcy, the purse thing is gross!

Marci said...

That last one is frightening... otherwise hilaurious. thx for sharing.

AKA Alice said...

GAH! Little germ-carrying beasts...that's what students are... (I know...I teach too!)

Yeah...the purse thing is pretty nasty.

ncrunner12 said...

That's some serious scary stuff right there. Maybe your purse is the cause of you're cold like symptoms... good luck with that.

katie said...

hahaha thats hilarious, btw, I would totally quit if they didnt have facebook at work lols