Saturday, October 4, 2008

Music for the Run

Today is the day for a 60 minute run. 9 times out of 10 I listen to my iPod because music usually does make a difference in my self-diagnosed A.D.D. [lol] and there's nothing like a tune that will make you feel like a running ROCKSTAR! :P

I use music mostly as a pacing tool, motivator, personal concert and running friend. Here is what my famous friends will be singing to me today:

Let's Get It Started (Spike Mix)
Black Horse and the Cherry Tree (Radio Version)
Rockin' Down the Highway
Real Gone
Dancing With Myself
Born to Hand Jive
Black Betty (Spiderbait)
Walk This Way
Highway Star
You Were Born For This
Run Like Hell
Amazing Grace (Dropkick Murphys)
Breathe (2AM)

Tonight the Huskers play at 8pm and I get to watch my favorite coach - Bo Pelini! Bo rocks the house - my house. :P Go Big Red!


Marci said...

Thanks for the music suggestions. My ipod is broken right now, I need to go get it fixed. I dumped a ton of water on myself during Quebec and its never worked since. Not smart. Sorry I missed photo Friday, next week!

AKA Alice said...

Great list...I needed to update my iPod too!

Self-diagnosed ADD...made me laugh :-))

ncrunner12 said...

Some great songs, and some I forgot about. Hope you had a great run.

Kim said...

Sorry about those Tigers eating your Huskers. I do have to say it was about time though. It was way too one sided for too too long.