Monday, November 10, 2008

Scale For Sale!

Health-O-Meter Scale. You buy, you haul. Must go. Need to pay for new running shoes. Call 1-800-IMA-RUNR for more details. haha

I bought a Tanita BF679W Body Fat Monitor Scale tonight. I'm stoked! Like a kid in a candy shop, I couldn't get my clothes off fast enough to give it a test drive. Sounds kinda kinky. [wink wink] It was just me, the scale and the bathroom floor. I set up my general programming and hopped on. YESSSSSSS! It worked! I'm no longer an Er3. The crowd roars. Jackpot!!!!!! I'm in love!

My body fat %age was in the healthy zone for my age and height: 31%. I also weighed in at 149 lbs [ 3 lbs heavier than the Health-O-Meter :( ] and my total water %age read 48% [even tho' this number falls into the normal zone for a woman, this was too soon after weights and an intense spin class - the booklet says to wait three hours after exercise, waking up or a large meal]. Looks like I will get naked and retest tomorrow. As far as the accuracy of the scale? I honestly couldn't give you a professional opinion, however, through my research, Tanita ranked 'top dog' in body fat monitor scales. Go check 'em out.

So, where do I go from here? Tanita gives a general range for age and 23% body fat is the bottom of the healthy range for my age. [Want to guess how old I am????] My goal, until I do some further research is now 23% body fat and I'm not going to worry about my weight. This is where the challenge begins. :D

p.s. Don't forget to check out The Shirt That Races Blog. Shoe Running has a great post and pictures about her run in San Francisco. Kim is wearing it in Texas this weekend. Go Kim!


Blyfinn said...

I like the idea of aiming for just a body fat % instead of weight. It's a more accurate scale of a fit body anyway. Good luck.

Ms. V. said...

I have that scale, but I never use the BF part...just the weight!

joyRuN said...

I totally aim for the body fat% more than the weight!

So glad you're not an "Er3" anymore - it didn't sound flattering ;)

MCM Mama said...

I have that scale and love it as well. Mine also weighs higher than my old scale, so I just adjusted my mental "safety zone" up. As far as the BF, I like the idea of losing fat, not weight, but try to keep the conditions consistent and watch for a trend, not a one time deal 'cause every once in a while my BF drops, but then comes back up to what's normal for me.

Marcy said...

Ooooooo spiffy scale ;-)

ncrunner12 said...

Sweet... my only problem is I'd be on that thing in the morning after lunch after dinner and right before I went to bed, my GF is scared to even have a scale in the house because I'm always on it.

Enjoy yours... sounds wicked awesome!

Kim said...

We have a body fat percentage on our scale-but not sure how accurate it really is.

I'll try to do well in A Shirt That Races this weekend. Depending on how Doug is doing with his ankle, it may be a long run. I'll more than likely stick with him if he's having issues.

Nikemom said...

ncrunner12 - I'm a scale whore. I'm on morning, noon [if I'm not working] and night before I go to bed. It's outrageous! haha

Brad Braden said...

Not a big fan of the scale on its own. I, once a month take my weight, my hip/waist ratio and body fat.. there is more in play then just your weight if your working out thats for sure..