Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Shirt That Races + Lot's More!

I want to give thanks and kudos to all the women that have worn The Shirt That Races! Runners Rock!

I believe we're off to a great start. Keep spreading the word by putting a plug in your blog. The available races over the winter may be few and far between, but this is the time to prepare and plan for the 2009 season. Once you know when your race is, comment or send me an email to nikemomof2[at]gmail[dot]com and I'll get you hooked up. I can also link you with a state even if your not sure of your race yet.

I'm getting some interest in a Virtual Run Across the U.S. WOOT!! WOOT!! Because I lack the programming capabilities, I'm going to set up a blog to document our travels. If anyone is interested in helping me do this let me know. Those of you have requested plotting the path across your state, start plotting. We'll have to coordinate so we can hook one state to the next. Stay tuned as the details and blog progress.

Other Notes:
I taught spin class this morning and had designed an intense workout. For all of you who teach spin or spin at home and are bored with your workouts, try this, I guarantee you'll be a sweaty, exhausted human being when you are done. The class loved the workout as it challenged them into a higher level of intensity. If you have any questions about the workout, comment or email me at nikemomof2[at]gmail[dot]com.

Mountain Road Loop

5 min ~ Seated Flat (natural cadence)
3 min ~ Standing Climb 60rpm
4:30 min ~ 1 min Seated Flat 110rpm; 30 sec Standing Quick Jog (repeat 3x)
1:30 min ~ Seated Flat on natural cadence

Rolling Hills ~ Repeat 4x
1 min ~ Seated Flat 110rpm
:30 sec ~ Seated Flat, increase resistance still running 110 rpm
1 min ~ Standing Climb 60rpm
:30 sec ~ Standing Quick Jog

Rolling Hills
3 min ~ Seated Flat 100-110rpm
1 min ~ Standing Quick Jog
1 min ~ Jumps
3 min ~ Seated Flat 110rpm
1 min ~ Seated Climb 80rpm
1 min ~ Seated Climb Sprint from 80rpm
3 min ~ Seated Flat 100rpm

Rolling Hills ~ Repeat 3x
2 min ~ Seated Flat 110rpm
1 min ~ Jumps (min 8 jumps)
2 min ~ Standing Quick Jog

1 min ~ Seated Flat no resistence

Cool Down
2 min ~ Natural Cadence


Out of Control ~ Darude Before the Storm
Highwayman ~ Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson
Bittersweet Symphony ~ The Verve
Children of the Revolution ~ Moulin Rouge
So What Does It All Mean? ~ West, Gould & Fitgerald
Here It Goes Again ~ OK Go
Deal With It ~ Corbin Bleu
Shake It ~ Metro Station
Chasing Cars (Workout Remix) ~ Power Music Workout
Mr. Jones and Me ~ Rocket Roadsters
Desperato (Workout Remix) ~ Power Music Workout
He's a Pirate (Tiesto Remix) ~Hans Zimmer
Bleeding Love ~ Leona Lewis
Fall for You ~ Secondhand Serenade
Touch My Body ~ Mariah Carey
Hallejuah ~ Jeff Buckley

Our task must be to free ourselves…
by widening our circle of compassion to
embrace all living creatures and
the whole of nature and its beauty.
~ Albert Einstein

Have a great weekend!



Shoe Running said...

Yeah for the shirt that races! :) I could wear it again in Wisconsin if you think no one else would be running there. I bet I can find a freezing cold race in the month I'll be there. Let me know if the rule book allows for 1 person/2 states :)

That spin workout looks INTENSE! :)

Adam said...

I don't know anything about spin workouts, but that really looks tough to me. However, I may try this after my half.

Girl on Top said...

Wow that looks like an awesome workout!

X-Country2 said...

Good luck with all your blog adventures. I'll be following for sure.

I need to find a good spin class. You're right, they will kick your butt!

Ms. V. said...

I saw that CA was already taken. :(

Spinning seems like something that would be not good for me...I took a class once, and thought...why am I not on my bike looking at scenery?