Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Totally Useful Running Products

As a runner, I have all sorts of gadgets and running gear to make my life easier and of course look like I'm creative when I run. If it's going to make me look and feel good creating an easier transition at 4:30 in the morning then I gotta have it. Some things are just a necessity in life and anything to do with running is "in" as far as I'm concerned.

Last night I was writing my Dear Santa letter because the largest shopping day is around the corner and I want to make sure my family and Santa know exactly what to get me. After lots of pondering and exploration, I came up with the following products which I know have the potential of enhancing my day to day routine and making life easier like my running gadgets and gear do. So here's my list:

Shree Yantra
The yantra pick up particular cosmic ray waves emitted by the planets and other universal objects and transform them into constructive vibrations. These are then transmitted to the surroundings where the Shri Yantra is placed, thus destroying all destructive forces within the vicinity. Hey, nothing getting in the way of my running now!

Automated Ice Cream Cone
I LOVE ice cream. I could eat it by the buckets. When I'm tired from a run or bike ride and need to do some post workout carb reloading, I could just pull out this handy dandy automated ice cream cone and I can rest while I eat. What a concept.

Earthbound Dog Tag
This dog tag will allow me to always be able to locate earth and communicate the location of earth from anywhere in space. Never know when aliens may attack on a run! Nanu Nanu

Duster Cat Slippers
The dusters fit on the cats paws and they dust the floor while walking around the house. Frees up time for more running! p.s. ask for a cat for birthday

Reserve a spot in heaven
Heaven is running out of space and it's a money back guarantee. [wonder how that works] p.s. you can also reserve a spot in hell as well. Never know when I may get attacked by a cow. Beam me up Scotty!

Japanese Face Slimmer
This gadget will slim down your face through constant compression and sauna. SCHEW! No more face muscle exercises. Wonder if I could wear this while I was running.

There you have it peeps, my Christmas Wish List. Have a great day! Don't forget to give me some info if you are going to participate in the Virtual Run Across America OR if you want to participate in the Shirt That Races (gentlemen, I'm still working out the man's version of a shirt). Comment or drop me an email: nikemomof2[at]gmail[dot]com.


The greatest pleasure in life,
is doing the things people say we cannot do.
-- Walter Bagehot


Marlene said...

I need to get one of those automatic ice cream cones!

Marcy said...

I would wear the last one while running just to scare the shiz outta people LOL

Denise said...

Poor kitty! :-)

I'm interested in the race shirt...I'll email you.

Shoe Running said...

Ha ha! I love it :) Thanks for the giggle!

Adam said...

So all this time Jason from the Halloween movies was trying to slim his face!!

Kim said...

You are so funny! Hope you get all you wish for.

Danica said...

Way, WAY too funny! Japanese face slimmer? Seriously people! :)

X-Country2 said...

That cat dust thing is fairly genius, if you think about it. :o)

Diana said...

I sooo LOVE the cat dusters! I have always had cats in my life, this is perfect!

Julianne said...

Hilarious!! Yes, those are very useful things for running, indeed! I'm still very interested in the Virtual Run Across America, btw! :-)