Wednesday, January 21, 2009


52 work weeks
5 days a week
260 workable days
8 hours a day
2,080 hours a year
$48.08 per hour earnings

hmmm....I better get started!

Today's workout: 3 mile run.



Kelly said...

Please tell me this is a goal and not what you actually make! Either way, I'm jealous!

Julianne said...

What is this $100k all about??? And can I get some of this?? ;-)

Nikemom said...

I'm working on goals. Writing them down and never say quit. It has been quite motivating. The 100,000 is one of them. It has forced me to create a plan and a plan is good. :)

Anonymous said...

Good luck! :)

Cowboy Hazel said...

Nice goal! It seems like a much smaller number when you break it out like that. If only I could limit myself to working 2080 hours a year... That would almost be vacation! :-)