Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Off Again for Another Day

January 20, Inauguration Day, a very magnanimous day in history to celebrate. Are you there? Or following it on TV? I am. Here that is, following it wherever it's broadcast. Have a great day! p.s. Grey's was awesome! I can't wait until Thursday.

No workouts today. John has a junior high basketball game. I'm off to be a proud parent. RUN ON!

Seeing the small is called Clarity.
Keeping flexible is called Strength.
Using the shining Radiance you enter the Light,
where no harm can come to you.
This is called Enlightenment.
~ Lao Tsu


Janice {Run Far} said...

oh I just love Grey's. Kind of got a little bored with it last season, but so far so good for this season.

Kita said...

Enjoy your day!!!

Marlene said...

I love me some Grey's.

My boss is letting us watch some of the inauguration coverage on a TV in the board room... pretty awesome.

Michelle said...

Wonderful quote girlie!!!

This is an amazing day!!! I am so happy!!!

Happy Tuesday!!!

Anonymous said...

The missus is totally into Grey's. Gives me some time to do some running in the evenings ;-)

Blyfinn said...

Sounds like you're enjoying the day off.

The Happy Runner said...

Yay for proud parents! Hope the bball game was good.

Trishie said...

Go John!! ... we watched the inaugeration at work. I thought about going (I live in Baltimore) but I didn't want to deal with the crowds. or the cold ;)

Julianne said...

What a great quote! I didn't get to catch the inauguration live but did catch the highlights later on... Awesome day!

Sarah said...

Glad you enjoyed the show :)