Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hotter'n Hell Ride 2009

33 hours.

9 hours in the car with a beeeotch in a box.

1 ice cream cone with friends.

1 hour prepping for the ride.

Approximately 5 hours sleep on a concrete floor of a warehouse.

1/2 a turkey sandwhich.
4 cookies.
1 mini Clif Bar.
1 Pickle.
Lots of H20.

Less than 6 hours on a bike.

1 can of carbs.

100 hundred miles done.

9 hour ride home.
1 large chocolate malt.
1 deluxe cheeseburger.
1,000 head nods trying to sleep.
The other 3 hours ??? Well, only we know. ;)

Today's workout: 5 mile tempo run. RUN ON!


joyRuN said...

Sounds like a blast! Except for the sleeping on a concrete floor in a warehouse part.


I forgot that is on my bucket list. That's for reminding me. I'm signing up for next year.

Sounds like you had fun.

Way to go!!

Cindy said...

whoa, congrats!! i don't think i could ever do it. it looks like an epic journey!

Diana said...

Loved the report! I need to get another century under my belt this year yet! Some nice cool, fall day when the sun is shining through all the fall colors on the trees and the wind is gentle-that will be my day to ride 100! I just hope that day comes on my week off of work!
Sorry to hear of the concrete floor....ouch!

Wes said...

Don't tease me like that! How can those 3 hours just disappear from my life? ROFL...

You drove 9 hours for a century ride? Dayum girl.... I lurve it!!!

Renee said...

It was worth it too! Next year, camp with much better than concrete!

Trishie said...

love it !

Carolina John said...

hahahahaha, sounds like a blast. glad you were able to squeeze in the other 3 hours too.

Aka Alice said...

Only one can of carbs?

Kim said...

You are a beast!

Alexandra said...

That's living up to your blog name! What an adventure!

Anonymous said...

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