Sunday, October 4, 2009


I'm sitting at my kitchen table, drinking my cup of java, killing time until I go run. I have about another hour before sun comes up and when your running country roads, you want the sun up.

So I'm playing around with all my social media: facebook, email, blogger, and twitter and of course being the challenge person that I am, I thought I'd start a campaign to get 1000 followers. Now I didn't put a deadline on it - yet - that will come in the next few minutes.

FOLLOW ME! Be a part of the 1000 twitter peeps. And I want you, if your reading my blog, because more than likely you are into health, nutrition, fitness, running, cycling, swimming, endurance, adventure or whatever along those lines.

Tune in and follow me at!

Have a great Sunday. I'm off to run for 120 minutes.


Aka Alice said...

I'll follow! Hope you had a great run!

RunFasterDaddy said...

You had me at hello. OK, that was really cheesy, but couldn't resist. Just added you on twitter and I'm subscribing to your RSS feed.

Now it's your turn.

: )