Saturday, May 10, 2008

10K on the 10th Race Report

Woke up early, ready to run Nancy's Virtual Race. Took my O2Gold and than a SLAM. Race time was 6am leaving from the Cooper YMCA which gave me plenty of time to get ready for spin class at 7:30. Loaded the car, ready to roll out and drip drip started raining. aargh! My mental game was on to run an average 8:30/mile pace. I debated. I could run in the rain, I've done it before, but was it worth risk getting sick, since I've been sick twice already this spring. My next option was to run after spin class (brick practice for Topeka Tinman Triathlon in June) on the treadmill if it was still raining or down the trails if it wasn't. So, I stayed home, all energized from my SLAM, and got a lot of housework done. I was on a roll. :)

Rode a great interval workout in spin class so I was partially exhaused, but transitioned over to the bike after a SPARK and pumped out the 6.2 miles. Found my rhythm warming up at a 9:27 pace for the first 1/2 mile and started ramping it up for the consecutive miles. At the fastest I hit 8:27 but I didn't stay there long as I was literally pooped. It was not the best run, but not a bad run. I was now soaked, really smelly and ready to go home, shower and crawl back into my nice warm bed for a power nap. I ended up with an average 9:10/mile pace. :)


Non-Runner Nancy said...

Nice work!! Thanks for running with us. Full report to follow.


shelley said...

Hey! Your back! Good job on the race!