Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Tri Suit Craziness

I have spent numerous hours researching tri-suits and wetsuits for triathletes. Final consensus: no suit I purchase is going to make a difference between win or lose (for me anyways). When I shop, I want to try it on, I want to feel it, sit in it, check it all out. In Lincoln, the land of few triathletes, I have found it difficult to shop to meet my "what do you recommend" questions and "try on" desire. I had no choice but to relinquish to internet shopping.

Hour after hour I scoured websites analyzing trisuits and wetsuits. YIKES! I was overwhelmed with indecision - wanting to avoid the "what if it doesn't fit?" "what if I don't like it when I get it?" "did I get the best one for me?" I had it nailed down to driving my husband crazy. Which he thinks I'm crazy anyways for all this triathlete stuff.

After my second bowl of ice cream (did I tell you I LOVE ice cream?? I do.) I decided no wetsuit and I ordered two trisuits, one which will be returned. Here is what I ordered:

Orca Race Trisuit

DeSoto Forza Trisuit

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