Tuesday, May 13, 2008

1500 yds r Mowed

Mowed them down, one by one. I was dreading swimming 30 laps today - I get tired of counting. It's like running 12 miles around a track (which I did once). 48 laps = 12 miles, yikes! The success of completion tho is awesome and so worth the counting efforts.

2-a-days feel good. I miss the time with my boys in the a.m., but I love how I feel and how I'm progressing towards the Topeka Tinman Tri in June and then on to the Pigman Tri in August.

Weekend was great! We have a large asparagus patch, so I pickled some asparagus on Saturday. I'm hoping it tastes as good as it looks.

I was also throwing together some salsa ingredients and wondered what that would taste like pickled since I had some juice left over. Mix includes onions, green peppers and jalapenos.

Today is the day I have been anxiously awaiting for. My trisuit is going to be delivered. WOOHOO! I love getting packages and it's all I can do not to have them shipped overnight express (husband would take away my credit card over the extra expense - lol), so I work on my non-existent virtue of patience. So what happens? UPS calls and says it needs to be a signed delivery. Holy cow - who stays at home? not I. I have to work to pay for my addicting running, biking, swimming habits. This has now progressed into a summative assessment of my patience and excitement levels. Wonder what my final grade will be....hmmmm...maybe I'll get lucky and they'll leave the package on my doorstep because they don't want to drive out in BFE to attempt delivery again. Later news will come on my review of the receipt of my package. ohhlala

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shelley said...

That asparagus looks so good, and I'm hungry right now!