Friday, August 29, 2008

TGIF Pic Day

it is currently official. a new club is in town: thank goodness it's friday pic day. every friday until the end [whenever that may be] is designated [tgif pic day]. if you'd like to participate/share, comment and i will link to your tgif pic. oh happy friday.

what does "M" stand for brenda? cuz i know it's not m&m'

and if you'd like to guess what was for lunch?

BO [dacious]


tomorrow Nebraska faces Western Michigan at 6pm. GO HUSKERS! we have season tickets so we'll be there to catch Bo in action.

btw: day 8

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Actually, it’s kind of a compliment when people like that devote so much energy to attacking you.
~ Hunter S. Thompson

Day 7

this is where i teach: goodrich middle school. and the olympians are our mascot.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Day 6

void of words at the moment....too many kiddos talking to me at the same time...YIKES!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Drum roll please....

...and its DAY 5!

i didn't realize how fat my arms looked until i started having these pics taken. yikes! it is do take after mother. :)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Tee Day 4

super powers anyone? i'm going to need more than this tee could possibly offer today. i'm draggin a$$! i'm grumpy! i wanna go home! waaaaaaahhhhh :)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Heatstroke 100

it was a great day on the road! 5 of the 7 pictured completed a full century. this makes 9 centuries for me this summer. my goal is 10 hence we have one last century ride scheduled in 3 weeks.

i ate like a pregnant sow on the ride consisting of hot tamales, strawberry fig newtons, brats, dip, chips, pork, and soda. i was a cravin soda like crazy today which is odd for me as i'm usually a h20 freakker. of course the scale whore that i am, i had to immediately get naked when i got home and weigh myself. results: ahaha [no blurtin numbers here] but thank goodness the day wasn't as bad as i thought, afterall i did bike 100 miles, that's a ticket to eat something more than birdfood, right?!

race report of things we conquered today:
  • eating too much
  • 50 mile point: "i'm done!"
  • putting up with don brag about his 3000+0000000 miles
  • dee flashing all the oncoming cars with her new bling bling
  • listening (or not) to a dead ipod
  • coming to grips with the fact the ceresco h20 tower really doesn't move
  • a hill
  • burping brats
  • another hill
  • falling
  • and yet another hill
  • falling twice
  • getting ready to sprint past the river people
  • some wind
  • sore a$$e$
  • raw knee pads
  • and again another hill
  • burping garlic all the way home
this weeks plan: walk 60 min in the a.m. mon, tues, thurs, fri and in the p.m. alternate biking and running. jake has his first competitive soccer game on thurs and john starts football tomorrow. the race is on.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Hang in can do it!

i must apologize for my less than desirable blogging abilities and my less than pathetic blog. i love to peruse others blogs reading their funny stories about their kids, hurdles of training for an event and then of course the detailed race report. i so wish i was like you [if there is a 'you' out there reading this]!? :)

i find myself overindulged in my own training, kids' activities, personal endeavors, not to mention my career and taking care of a hubby and acreage that i have little energy left in me at the end of the day to write words of my thoughts in progress. it's like i need an extra hour just to write my entry [at minimum] and then a few more hours to follow-up on other bloggers. i often feel so overwhelmed when i think of the word BLOG that i just ignore the thought and move on to something else, like eating a hundred oreos while watching the olympics. i'm such a pig.

i'm really a bullet kind of person. short, sweet and to the point. i love pictures [not of me as you can witness below, my lovely smiling face] but if i posted all the pics i took in a day, would run out of room and kick me off their site. ahaha

so, i vow to you, the one [if you are one] who has browsed my site to stay more up-to-date and talk about my funny stories, training and race events [in more than bulleted points, like i'm going to do below]

sweet saturday points:
  • rode my bike 40 miles
  • drank 2 bloody mary's
  • bought 2 pair of shoes [high heals] ohhlala
  • bought 1 pair of running shorts
  • bought a rack for my bike to carry my bose/ipod
  • made homemade pizza
  • drank 2 glasses of wine
  • watched the olympics
  • ate 100 oreos [ok, so maybe not 100, but more than 10]
  • readied myself for the heatstroke 103 tomorrow [103 mile bike ride]
next week kicks off the husker football season. go bo[dacious]!! maybe we'll see you at the game.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

78 Days of Tees

day 2. oh happy day.

day 1. on the floor.

for whatever reason other than something to do, i have delegated the next 78 days of school tee-day. goals are: 1) cannot wear the same tee twice & 2) tees need to be positive in nature & 3) cannot be strictly an athletic tee (i.e. nike, adidas)

so far i have accumulated 26 (in addition to the 2 i've already worn). that's 50 to go. if u got any great places to purchase tees, let me know.