Friday, February 29, 2008

Sick STATus

STATS on my little man...
Temperature: Low Grade Fever
Location: Couch potato
Action: Drifting in and out of Hannah Montana
Sick Days: Going on #3.

STATS on mom...

A.M. Workout: Nope.
P.M. Workout: Yep. Husband plays nurse.
Location: Next to couch potato.
Action: Grazing
Sick Days: Quickly running out.

STATS on husband...
A.M. Workout: Eating a donut.
P.M. Workout: What's that?
Location: Downtown eating out with family
Action: Going to Girls State Basketball Tournament
Sick Days: All still in tow.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

I Can't Live Without You

Maxing out the use of my "how did I ever live w/out u" cell phone:

1. Alarm - where am I going?
2. Texting - what's 4 dinner?
3. Flashlight - gotta find those panties at 4 a.m.
4. Vibrator - if I don't answer, call back
5. Intentional interruption device - not tonight dear
6. Unintentional interruption device - hmmmmmm
7. $$$ sucker upper - monopolized market
8. Camera - backup when the battery on my $2,000 Canon is dead
9. Kid toy - 4 the car games when their bored only to declare "this game is boring"
10. Lifeline - dropped calls at pivotal moments

4 a.m....

2-a-days! Gotta love'em.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The "Tri's" Are On!

When I planned my triathlon journey, by the seat of my pants, I don't think I quite understood the dynamcis of my commitment. Talking about it, dreaming about it, searching for various events plus the desire to WANT the challenge is the TALK part.

With this being my first major tri, I trudged through page after page on the web researching triathlons and IRONMANS (of course I want to be an IRONMAN too) and found a "newbies tri training plan", set it all up on Google Calendar, talked about it some more, and some more and some more. Told all my friends and now they don't just think, but now know that I am a super workout freak. :)

At noon today I took the WALK.
I plunked down the plastic as I registered for the Pigman Long Course August 17 and the Topeka Tinman Triathlon June 14, 2008.

Next step: Inform the sherpa(s). Head sherpa was only worried about a conflict with Husker Football. Hmmm. Not sure he understands the role of head sherpa. [Note to self: schedule conference with head sherpa about the magnitude of a tri]

I am in, I am on my game, and ready to roll!

Friday, February 22, 2008

I survived 14 Degrees

In a fury of frenzy, I ran outdoors to max out the time in my day. With the temperatures at a low of 14 degrees and addicted to training, I run 4.61 miles in objection to my son's "just skip it mom." Jeeze! Skip a workout? Are you kidding me? Not like I've done that before. Yeah right.

Dressed in long johns, running tights, underarmour, two sweatshirts and an ear warmer, I jog at quick paces, attacking hills that seemed to stretch for miles. Amidst the cold I purge my way up one hill and sprint down the next, my lungs burning from the freezing air. With burning lungs and sweaty hands, I fly up the driveway 40 minutes later with no time to spare.

With the MAX attitude, my boys and I are off again, running (by Forerunner this time) to wrestling practice and then to guitar lessons. As I look at my boys, my veins pumping with the exhileration of a great run, I thank God, that I am alive, well, have good kiddos, and things to do.

swimbikerun on....

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Up and Running!?!

I's been a tough winter inside and out. The chill in the air has got me continually chilled to the bone. Life right now is only warm in spots and it seems as if I'm moving slower than ever. I lack motivation, iniative, drive. I feel as if I'm a wheel on a turntable. I push myself to go round and round only because I know I have to ~ to survive.

Depressing, huh? It's not that bad...I think. ;)

So, am I up and running? Yep! Am I up and cycling? Yep! Am I up and swimming? Not yet! I spun out 60 minutes on the bike tonight and punched out 5 miles on the treadmill. I still got it, even though my first week of official 1/2 marathon training was a bust due to lack of commitment, motivation and just plain not feeling well. I'm strength training and hypertrophy is looking good.

Warm weather has got to be lurking somewhere in the midst of my wheel. Do you know when and where it will be? Coffee anyone?