Sunday, April 18, 2010

Zingers DO NOT Help Knee Pain!

Experiencing the full-blown affects of a chocolate zinger does not alleviate any kind of knee pain. You can ice your knee while eating a Zinger, knees still hurt. Try adding in some ibuprofen prior to eating the Zingers while icing down the knees, still no relief. Any questions regarding this mini research study can be directed in the comments section below.

I'm on a Zinger kick for some reason and my knees are hurting me for some reason. A couple months ago I got into a local bootcamp and was also doing some Fusion (kickboxing). The workouts were awesome, but heck on my knees. After about 3 weeks I stopped going. Since then, my running hasn't been the same. I can go knock out some shorter runs and some days are better than others, but today was not one of those days.

Currently, I have arthritis in my right knee, and have experienced some pain due to IT Band Sydrome and Patella Femoral pain. Adding cycling to my exercise routine has helped strengthen my legs and minimize the ickiness I was feeling in my knee. I was having fun with my runs and knocking out some good times.

Now I have extreme pain in my left knee. I cut a 12 mile run today to 6 because I didn't want to make the problem any worse. So, this week, I'm headed to see an orthopedic. Yeah! So we'll see what they say. I want this to be over cause I want to run! run! run!

Have a great week blogger peeps! and go get yourself a Zinger.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

It's TIME to get back!

Hello Fellow Runners & Bikers!

It has been soooo long since I've blogged and I missed it sooooo much. Twenty Ten has been a great year so far - minus all that nasty snow and freezing temps. I can't seem to handle any kind of "cold" anymore. That's why I think a move to Arizona or Florida is on order. :D

Things are just starting to "roll" for me as I kick off my first event with the Lincoln Half Marathon on May 2. I not ready in my training to go after a new PR, so I'm going to have fun with this run! Speaking of fun, I need to get on making those glitteriffic tees. [note to self]

I have been outside on my road bike for the past two weeks and am loving it! Even in the winds. I'm looking forward to a great cycling season as well.

The school year is winding down and it's major crunch time is here! Scheduling, job shadows, scholarships, not to mention taking care of my own graduate work - big Autobiography paper due next week. YIKES! I need to get on that - right after my run and bike ride of course. Thank goodness I have a head start on it, but as usual I'm going to hand in it "Just in time". :D

Have a great Thursday people. Today I have a job interview. Send luck my way.