Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sh*t Happens

My knees. Somewhat comparable to a husband. Can't live with them, can't live without them.

When I wake up, that joint between my thigh and tibia, feels like a huge-a$$ watermelon. Better my knees than my boobs, right? Some might disagree with me, but with watermelons for boobs, well, I can't imagine it would be fun running. With watermelons for knees, well - there's ibuprofen, glucosamine and ice. Yes! Lots of ice and drugs.

I run regardless. Watermelons or not. I'm not "fast for me" anymore. I've become comfortable with the watermelon run over the last couple of weeks. What does that mean? In this case I run for distance, *ahem* not time. {silent waaaaaahhhh}

I'm hoping watermelon season will soon be over and my runs will be, well, !!my runs!! The watermelon runs are preparing me through my watermelon knees for distance, endurance miles, lots of miles. 13.1 more miles to be exact. YES! I want to run a full marathon. I want to run Rock'n Roll Arizona in January and qualify for Boston.

Sh*t happens for a reason. So here's to 26.2 and watermelons!